White Fox Boutique Reviews | How to Exchange Product?

If readers are looking for White Fox Boutique Reviews, you are in the right place; this article will give you the reviews and opinions of the users who shopped from this online store with stores in the UK and the U.S. The store is quite famous on social media, too.

This article will also cover the things they have available, the benefits and drawbacks of using the site, and user reviews, so let’s get started.

What is whitefoxboutique.com?

It is an Australian based popular website where you can shop for all clothing items and offers discounts. Starting in 2013, it has two co-founders who utilized the opportunity of social media influencing and built a brand that has not just clothing items but a lot more.

The readers can also analyze the pros and cons, which will be covered in this article’s coming section before they learn about the White Fox Boutique Reviews.

Let us see what products are available here – 

  • Clothing – in this section, you will find all types of clothing, like dresses, swimwear, pajamas, tops, bottoms, etc.
  • Sets – one of their unique products, you can buy sets of skirts, pants, shorts, etc.
  • Accessories – sunglasses, socks, belts, etc., can be shopped from this section.
  • Shoes – different shoes can be brought, like flats, heels, boots, etc.


  • Email ID –info@whitefoxboutique.com.
  • Office Address – Dunning Avenue, Rosebery, NSW, Australia.
  • Social Media – you can find them on YouTube, TikTok, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.
  • Subscription – subscribing and becoming part of their team will get up to 20% off on your orders.
  • Student Offer – if you are a student or a graduating student, you can get a discount by verifying your details on the site.
  • Codes – there is a pop-up option on the left side of the screen, which has a QR code for scanning the app, and you can use the code given while shopping.
  • Message – the right pop-up on the screen allows the customers to leave a message and ease their shopping.
  • Returns – items can be returned using a store credit option, which expires within 12 months, and the criteria for returning are mentioned on their site.
  • Shipping – items ordered before noon are shipped on the same day, and the shipping for different countries is mentioned on the webpage.
  • Fashion Glossary – another unique feature of this website: a list of items is segregated based on the glossary.
  • Healthcare Offer – a discount of up to 10% can be availed through this option by signing up.

Let us see the benefits and drawbacks of using this site before we see the White Fox Boutique Reviews.

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  • A different range of discounts and offers can be availed by using this site.
  • If you are a graduating student, you can use their offer to get discounts.
  • They also have a fashion glossary where you can choose the color and the type of dress you want.
  • A discount of 20% can be availed of just by subscribing.
  • You can even find them on social media.
  • They also provide healthcare offers.


  • You cannot return a product if you change your mind or if it is the wrong size.
  • The store credit option expires within one year.
  • There is a list of criteria mentioned which, if not fulfilled, will lead to failure to return the item.
  • The option of exchanging is not available.
  • More than one code can’t be used to get a discount on a single product.

What are the White Fox Boutique Reviews?

Positive Reviews

  • A user gave a 5-star rating and said that the item was delivered quickly and the ordered sweatshirt was comfortable.
  • Another user gave a similar rating and said she would recommend this to her friends and liked their shipping.
  • An item was out of stock, but with the help of customer service, a user could change the item’s color and still get the item delivered.
  • Orders were received from Australia, and two sweatshirts for Christmas were ordered; the customer appreciated the quality.
  • The best brand is what another user stated, as she loved all their items.

Negative Reviews

  • A user gave one star as she returned an item and has yet to receive updates.
  • One of the users was disappointed as the item they ordered for Christmas has yet to be shipped.
  • Poor communication was stated by another user who wasn’t appropriately communicated despite mailing them.
  • Despite waiting six weeks, a user has not received his order.
  • Another user didn’t like the management.

Is White Fox Boutique legit?

According to our research, the site has received 3.1 out of 5 stars on Trust Pilot and is a verified company. Based on the rating given by 6305 customers, it is a company that is above average. On Instagram, they have 2.2 Million followers, which is huge, and on YouTube, they have 14.2k subscribers.

Some reviews stated that they loved their products, which shows they are legit. There are even haul videos on YouTube. Thus, it is not a scam.


As we come to the end of this article, we hope that the users got to know about White Fox Boutique Reviews. Being one of the top brands on Instagram, they have many products with discounts, too. They even have a few unique features available.

Hence, readers can soon place an order. We hope you found this article informative; please don’t forget to rate this article. 

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