Beautiful Earth Boutique Reviews | 4.1/5 Ratings, Mixed Feedbacks

We found mixed Beautiful Earth Boutique reviews, and unsatisfied users mentioned the product quality. However, many praised it due to its low price.

This article also covers the different categories of items the Boutique sells, the quality and reality of the products, and customer reviews. 

What is

It is a U.K.-based website that allows users to shop for one-of-a-kind and distinctive jewelry at affordable prices. They sell a variety of accessories, including rings, bracelets, hoops, studs, and necklaces. The inimitable part of this Boutique is that it sells jewelry that is distinct and different because of its biophilic and earth-inspired jewelry.

Each piece of jewelry the Earth Boutique sells has themes close to nature. The Earth Boutique was founded by Seema in 2020. London, United Kingdom, was where it all began. The Boutique was started to provide women all over the world with beautiful and elegant jewelry at an affordable price. 


  • Email-id: 
  • Official address: London, United Kingdon
  • Social media: they are available on various social media handles such as Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Facebook, TikTok 
  • Products: rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, sets
  • Message: the viewers can contact the Boutique by entering their message and email on their official website on the Contact Us page. 
  • Returns: customers can return the items within 30 days from the product’s delivery date, and the amount will be refunded within 7-10 business days. 
  • Shipping: items are shipped to various locations all over the world from Monday to Friday. The shipping charges depend upon the billing price. 

Let us also discuss the pros and cons of the website before getting into the Beautiful Earth Boutique reviews. 

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  • A wide range of offers and discounts are available on the website on various occasions. 
  • Regular sales take place on the site to provide accessories at an affordable price. 
  • A wide range of eco-friendly and biophilic-themed jewelry that is distinct, eye-catching, and elegant is available. 
  • The Boutique also provides waterproof jewelry, which is very distinctive and affordable. 
  • The website also promotes cruelty-free and nature-friendly products. 
  • They respond to messages very spontaneously and quickly. 


  • The items must be compulsorily returned and exchanged within 30 days of receiving them. 
  • In case of failure to follow the return procedure mentioned by the website, the item’s return cannot be accepted. 
  • Shipping charges are slightly higher depending on where the items are to be sent. 
  • The website ships items only five days a week, i.e., from Monday to Friday, which usually delays delivery. 

What are the Beautiful Earth Boutique Reviews?

Positive reviews 

  • A user gave a 5-star rating and said that the items received were beautiful and did not feel cheap at all. 
  • A customer gave another 5-star rating as he was happy with how the product was delivered with great care. 
  • A customer rated the website four stars as she was happy with the quality of the product and how the Boutique aims to be eco-friendly.
  • A customer rated the website, saying she loved that the products were hypoallergenic and safe to use. 
  • People place orders from all over the world and are satisfied with the products delivered. 

Negative reviews 

  • A customer rated the website 1 star, saying the products are priced highly, and the cheaper versions can be found on other sites. 
  • An unhappy customer gave another 1-star rating due to the poor quality of the product. She said the development was dainty coated and useless for over two uses. 
  • A customer was unsatisfied with the website as it did not provide a refund as promised, and the images did not meet the delivered product. 

Is Beautiful Earth Boutique worth shopping? 

  • As per our research, the website has received 4.1 stars out of 5 stars on Trust Pilot and is a verified website. Based on the reviews given by more than 2 lakh customers, it is an above-average website. 
  • The company has more than 360k followers on Instagram and over 100 subscribers on YouTube. 
  • YouTube searches show various hauls and videos proving their products are legit. Beautiful Earth Boutique reviews verify that the website is not a scam. 


As we come to the end of the article, we hope the users got to know about the Beautiful Earth Boutique reviews. Being one of the top brands on Instagram, they have legit products and offer various sales. Hence, viewers can place their orders without a second doubt.

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