Ria Ciuffo Ex-Boyfriend | A well-known podcaster, He is now?

Henry Lockwood is Ria Ciuffo ex boyfriend? He is a podcaster where he is best known for its various famous sportsperson interview.

 Then don’t worry, as we got you covered on that. In this article, we will see her current relationship status along with her previous relations. You all must know Ria from the show – Chicks in the Office. If you want to know more about her life, then you are at the right place.

This article will give you insights about Ria and how she started her career, along with her biography. Towards the end of the article, you will also get to know who she was dating previously and if she is in any new relationship currently, so let us get started.


Full NameMaria Ciuffo
Date of BirthRia was born in 1997 on 28th July.
Ria Ciuffo net worthIt is around $300 thousand.
HeightMaria is 5 feet high.
WeightCiuffo weighs 62 kg.
NationalityMaria is an American.
Relationship StatusShe is currently dating Marty Mush.
Famous forCiuffo is known for being a radio host and also for acting in TV series.
Current BoyfriendMarty Mush
EducationHer education was completed in New York.
Social MediaYou can find her on Instagram, TikTok, etc.


Before we find out more about Ria Ciuffo ex boyfriend, let us see how Maria started her career. In July 2017, a radio podcast featuring two women was started. Among them, one is Maria. It is through this podcast that many people recognize her. Apart from this, she has also acted in two other TV series.

The radio show also has its own YouTube channel and a separate page on Instagram. The channel on YouTube has 171k subscribers. Her performance is well known on Instagram, and they have 686k followers. On TikTok, she also has 8.8 million views, and her skills for her podcast are recognized and appreciated by many. Ciuffo is also a social media influencer.


If you are still curious about Ria Ciuffo ex boyfriend, you will get to know more about him soon in the coming sections of the article. Let us now see Ciuffo’s achievements.

  • most people recognize Maria for her work on the podcast that was started in 2017.
  • She has many followers on social media like TikTok and Instagram.
  • In two television series, Ria showcased her acting skills.
  • Apart from acting, Maria is also an influencer on social media.


Let us now see if there are any controversies that Ria is involved in. In a Radio show that is viewed majorly by interns working in Deloitte known as Barstool, Ciuffo was openly criticized and was called ugly, and she couldn’t make her appearance known in the industry.

After the above comments were passed against her by the podcast’s owner, Maria went and confronted. Still, sadly, Dave, who commented against her, didn’t apologize, and following the incident, Ria left with tears in her eyes. To date, this has been the most significant controversy that she has been in.

Who is her new boyfriend?

You must have heard about the podcast known as Roundball. Marty Mush, a golf instructor, is Ciuffo’s fiancé. On Instagram, he even posted wishes to their fans with a picture of them together. Even Maria posted a few pictures on social media about them being together.

Mushy is part of the famous pop culture that gives sports fans updates about the latest news, and as mentioned earlier, he loves Golf. On a page on Instagram, he also posts pictures, videos, and tweets about golf.

About Ria Ciuffo ex boyfriend (Henry Lockwood)

Known for being a Pardon My Take commenter, Henry Lockwood and Maria previously had a relationship. According to our research, they both ended their relationship two years back, that is, in 2021, in June. The news about them splitting up was confirmed on X by his ex-girlfriend.

Their breakup was due to personal differences, and they had an age gap of four years. This news took their fans aback, but it was a mutual decision.

Biography (Ex-boyfriend)

Full NameHenry Lockwood
Birth DateHe was born in 1993 in the month of July 14th.
Net WorthIt is estimated to be around $1 to 2 million USD.
HeightHank is 6 ft.
WeightLockwood weighs 200 pounds.
NationalityHank is an American.

Where is he now?

Currently, Hank, also known as Henry, is in New Orleans. Lockwood is on social media like Instagram, followed by 193k people. Henry is active, and his posts show his attachment to his father.

You can even find him on LinkedIn. Lockwood is also on X, where you can check out his tweets. Let us talk about his achievements in the next section of this article.


  • Hank is known for PMT and is a producer.
  • Apart from being known as a podcaster, he has also had many brands approach him due to his fan base.
  • Many people from the sports industry easily recognize him.
  • His net worth is estimated to be around USD 2 million.


The readers must have now gained insights about Ria Ciuffo ex boyfriend. Let us now see if there are any controversies that Henry is involved in.

According to our research, there are no controversies about him, but we request the readers to come back as we will update this article if we find anything about him.

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