Navitas Golf Cart Reviews | Survey Report 2024

Read Navitas golf cart reviews, Navitas expertly makes electric vehicle management systems for golf carts and other low-speed vehicles. They provide a range of controllers, motors, and other parts that may be utilized to enhance or swap out a golf cart’s original parts.

Customers need to make an informed decision to order something or enter into business with the company. Our article will help the customers make this decision by including all the essential details like the company’s specifications, pros, cons, and customer reviews.

About Navitas golf cart

Navitas is at the top of the golf cart business, selling various products like controllers, motors, etc. The company is best known for its performance and efficiency. The controllers they sell are mostly chosen because of their durability and performance and how they can provide smoother and quieter rides.

If any customers want to purchase the products Navitas sells, they must approach the authorized dealers and distributors. They offer different installation kits and resources to ensure an easy installation process. Navitas products upgrade the golf cart with increased speed, acceleration, range, and larger component life. 

The attributes are great, but is the company good enough to purchase products from here? The further part of the article will discuss the legitimacy of the company.

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  • The company’s first product is the TAC 2-AC induction system, which can be applied to golf, low-speed, utility, and hunting buggies.
  • TSX 3.0, the second product, applies to golf cars, Utility Vehicles, material handling, etc.
  • They sell the steel rolling frame also.


  • Purpose: To ensure that the customers get all the products necessary for a golf cart in one place.
  • Contact Number: (844) 576-2499
  • Email ID: 
  • Address: 500 Dotzert Ct Waterloo ON, N2L6A7
  • Social Media: Another way of reaching the company’s staff will be through social media handles like Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Website origin date: 07-11-2017
  • The expiration date of the website- 07-11-2028


  • The products sold by Navitas have the power to increase the speed and power of the car.
  • Controllers sold by the company are easy to install.
  • The company believes in selling products with higher efficiency and performance standards.
  • The brand ensures that the products it sells are durable and reliable.
  • One plus point is that they sell customized products as well.


  • Upgrading golf carts with Navitas products can be expensive compared to stock parts.
  • Its components are only readily available in some regions, so it might be challenging to find the parts the customer needs.

What are the Navitas golf cart reviews?

Positive Reviews

  • “Fantastic service, I will definitely do business with the company again,”- a customer wrote.
  • A customer commented, “Amazing customer service and beautiful carts.”
  • Most of the customers had a common opinion that the products sold by the company work as the company has claimed. It is amazing.
  • A purchaser happy with the product wrote, “The product is excellent and delivers upgraded and necessary power.”
  • Satisfied with the purchase, a customer commented, “My cart has become more efficient because of the Navitas products.”

Negative Reviews

  • Disappointed with the purchase, a customer commented, “They sent a different product from what I ordered, and it’s been one month, and the problem hasn’t been fixed.”

Is Navitas controller worth it?

The company has mixed ratings, but all are above 4. The products offered by the company are of grade-A quality and work as the company claims. Apart from the product, the customer has tried to ensure that they are providing good customer service, and many customers have praised them for their efforts.

As per Navitas golf cart reviews there were a few customers who needed help with the customer service. Companies should address those issues with utmost diligence. However, if we keep aside this, the company is excellent to do business with.


In conclusion, customers who are passionate about having an upgraded golf cart with high horsepower should purchase products from Navitas, as the products are exact replicas of what the company claims are the best.


Where are Navitas golf carts manufactured?

The products are manufactured in Ontario, Canada.

What is the best electric golf cart for the money?

The best electric cart would be the E-Z-GO Express S2.

How fast does a Navitas golf cart go?

From 1mph to 30 plus mph.

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