Point Break Financial Reviews | Issues with Repayment?

Read Point Break Financial reviews. Point Break Financial helps the clients manage their money and reach their financial objectives by providing different services. This loan company focuses on offering its clients debt-related services.

The specifications, benefits, drawbacks, and client opinions are covered in this write-up to assist consumers and clarify their confusion regarding the agency. 

About Point Break Financial

The main objective of this financial assistance organization is to assist individuals in paying off their obligations and achieving the monetary independence that everyone is entitled to. It specializes in offering services that relieve money-related stress.

Point break connects borrowers with lenders with the goal of consolidating various debts into one with reduced rates. The financial aid negotiates with the creditors to reduce the total debt to be paid and also helps reduce the amount. The plus point of working with a monetary agency is that they help improve the client’s credit scores. 

Therefore, if anyone is in debt and wants financial aid, they can approach the agency and seek help to resolve their economic issues.

Types of loan offers

The financial agency offers the following loans: 

  • Current debt balances: These can be further divided into many categories. Some of these are household debt, personal debt, etc.  
  • 5-year personal loan: This loan plan acts as a helpful tool in consolidating debts, home improvements, or medical expenses. 


  • Purpose: To help customers get the best financial assistance. 
  • Contact Number: The customers can contact the company at 855-202-9500.
  • Email ID: Email ID is yet to be updated.
  • Address: 1968 S Coast Highway #1028 Laguna Beach, CA 92651.
  • Social Media: Customers can get updated with recent news on the company’s social media handles, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Facebook.
  • Website origin date: 09-10-2020
  • The expiration date of the website: 09-10-2024


  • The firm employs highly skilled individuals who know the monetary industry. They provide insightful advice and assistance to help clients make wise decisions.
  • The company’s product line is diversified by offering various monetary solutions, like retirement plans and investment alternatives.
  • The company is advantageous as it provides the customers with a customized approach to monetary planning.


  • Customers feel the company’s fees are more than other monetary help. 
  • The company’s primary mode of operation is online, which is a limitation because specific clients prefer in-person communication.  

What are the Point Break Financial reviews and complaints?

Positive reviews

  • A customer wrote, “I am happy with the agency as they found me a solution which got me through a pretty rough financial situation.”
  • “Even though repaying is big challenge, but atleast a road map is available to get through this financial situation,” – a client commented.

Negative Reviews

  • A disappointed user wrote, “They are worst as they didn’t help me with the repayment and instead robbed me out of my credit score.”

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Point Break Financial: Is it the Right Choice?

BBB rating represents how the organization interacts with its clients; hence, the users must know about the company’s approach to clients. However, since Point Break lacks a BBB account, the BBB does not rate them. There are several complaints regarding the business. 

Although it’s not a big deal, the clients should know about it. A few grievances include unstated costs, deceptive practices, and difficulties terminating the services. Although the firm has many positive aspects, it can be improved. Therefore, if consumers are careful, they might ask the firm for financial help.


Point break can provide valuable insights to people needing financial services. As per our observation, the firm has a good group of experts who can help the clients get the best solution to their problems. Still, the firm has many limitations like high fees, etc. Therefore, consumers are urged to weigh all critical information regarding the business, including reviews, advantages, and restrictions, before deciding. 

We hope that the information with Point Break Financial reviews will help you to make your decision. Kindly give feedback.


What is the location of Point Break Firm?

1968 S Coast Highway #1028 Laguna Beach, CA 92651.

Is debt Relief reliable or not?

Yes, it is reliable.

Meaning of debt settlement program

This financial statement wherein the borrowers agree to pay a lump sum payment on the condition that a part of their debt will be forgiven.

National Debt Relief is legitimate or not? 

Yes, it is legit.

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