Anime Dimensions Codes – Feb 2024

Gamers have long had a curiosity regarding the Anime Dimensions codes. They have wanted to implement it to make their gaming style better but have some concerns that are holding them back. Do you know what these codes are? We are sure many of you do. But some of you are still unaware of it. This article aims to shed light on all the essential aspects that gamers must know such as the type of codes, the active ones, the ways of implementation, and more.

About Anime Dimensions

Anime enthusiasts have a variety of game options that they can access anytime, per their preferences. But playing a game for fun and playing to win it, are two different aspects that only true gamers can differentiate between. Those who wish to establish a good record on Anime games must opt for the Anime Dimensions codes.

By implementing the codes, they can easily get better accessories and rewards that can enhance your experience. For example, there are specific codes that can help you attain gems. Some other codes exist whose sole purpose is to provide an extra boost and even a few drops.

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How to play it?

Have we managed to grab your interest? If so, then read the steps below to facilitate a smooth gaming experience.

  • Launch the main platform, i.e., Roblox.
  • Out of numerous options available, choose your game of choice, i.e., Anime Dimensions.
  • Carry on with the sign-up process and set up your account by entering the required credentials such as email, password, etc.
  • Lastly, press on the play option to start your venture into the world of Anime.

What are the latest Anime Dimensions codes?

Users are always on the lookout for active codes to elevate their gaming fun. Some of the functional codes currently are as follows:

  • S1HA8DO0W: Gather almost 75 raid tokens, 100 gems, and many more boosts with this code.
  • DOMI1N7A7TOR: Attain a few free bosts, 100 gems, and as many as 75 raid tokens.
  • 1SPE7ED9: You can obtain the above-mentioned perks from this video as well.
  • GIFT2023: Get access to almost 500 gems and raid tokens added with all the boosts available in the game.
  • HE1AT8WAVE1: Get as many as 75 raid tokens with more boosts and 100 gems.
  • CURSE: This is one of the newest codes available.


It is essential to remember that there are two distinct codes. Those you want to function right away are referred to as the active ones. Those codes that do not function when implemented are called inactive ones. Make sure to choose only from the ones we have suggested above.

How to redeem it?

If you wish to enjoy the codes to the fullest, then you must refer to the steps enlisted in the following manner:

  • Go to the game and look at the left corner.
  • You will either find a blue bird or a gift image.
  • Click on that particular option which will launch a blank space.
  • Choose one code from the options above and type it into the bar.
  • Following this, press enter and proceed ahead.

How can you get the codes?

Getting codes has been a difficult process for many. Players are searching for new ways and medium of finding it. In this process, they fall prey to several scam sources. They do come across sites that offer them information, but more often than not it turns out to be false. Therefore one question that has alluded to them for a long is; where can they find codes that are working?

Those who want authentic information can access it all on their Twitter handle or even seek help from their Discord channel. If some do not have access to these, they can resort to a few trustworthy sites that provide trustworthy details regarding the same.

What if the codes are not working?

There could be two possibilities if there is any hindrance in accessing or availing the codes. One reason could be that you have not typed the codes in the correct form. For example, as is evident the codes are a combination of alphabets and numbers. So it is better to copy them from here and paste them directly. The second reason could be that you are using expired codes that are no longer in use. Such codes have long lost their relevance. Therefore, think wisely and act accordingly.

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