Mangalore Port

This  port  is  situated  on  the  left  bank  of  the  Gurupur  river  and is approximately 10 Km south of the New Mangalore Port.  The Port at present is a road stead  port catering to vessels drawing a draft of 2 to 3m and is functional only during the  fair  weather  season from  September to May. The  port  has been  developed to handle coastal vessels drawing a draft of 4.5m by the  construction of two breakwaters and  252  m  long  alongside  berthing  facilities etc., Construction  of 150 mtrs. cargo wharf from existing berth with an estimated cost of Rs.600.00 lakhs is under progress.


Location : Latitude 120 52’ N and longitude 700 51’ EKonkan Railway line and N.H.17 passing very close to the port. Linked by Air also.

Existing facilities:

North wharf – 293.83 Mts. length.

Central wharf – 299.95 Mts. length

Salt wharf – 76.00 Mts. length

South wharf – 252.00 Mts. length

New south wharf – 362.71 Mts. length.



General Store including additional room.

Passenger shed including additional room.

Pump House and Port Well.

Furnace oil overhead tank.

Sheds in Dry dock area.

Resting shed.

Light house signal cabin and flag staff tide gauge station and store shed Inspection shed.

Community hall (Bengre thota sand spit).

Transit shed at the south wharf.