Malpe Port

The port of Malpe is located in Latitude 13° 21’ N and Longitude 74°  42.5’ E at the mouth of Malpe river in Udupi District. The maximum temperature at Malpe port is 350C and the minimum 25.60C and the annual rainfall is about 330.20 Cms.

malpe_2Malpe  is  a major fishing  harbour which has been provided with the break-water for guiding the river flow and is working as an efficient habrour.Development of  Malpe  port  in is  progress  at  an  estimated  cost of Rs.165.00 lakhs under Ist stage developments.It is  proposed  to construct  42  mtrs.  long wharf (12 mtrs. wide) and dredging  upto 4.50 mtrs. (Qnty. 9000 Cum) to facilitate alongside berthing of 1 no. of 35 mtrs. long vessel at a time.

Existing Facilities:

Flag – mast.

Transit light wooden mast.

Wharf measuring 100’ long.

Retaining wall of 605’ length.

Cargo stacking platform

200’ x 50’

50’ x 50’

7400 Sq.ft.

Passenger jetty.

Two wooden jetties, measuring 5.79 Mts x 6.10 M. each.

Wooden jetty at wharf measuring 38.98 Sq.Mts.

Passenger shed (104’ x 23’.8”) – 1 No.

Cargo shed (53’ x 23’) – 1 No.

Light House at DG Island.