Major Regulatory Functions

With a view to achieving various objectives, the Department discharges following regulatory functions

  1. Regulation of Navigation at the ports.
  2. Landing and Shipping of goods at the ports.
  3. Maintaining and hiring of marine Floating crafts and cargo handling, equipment such as Cranes, Tugs, Water Barges, Weigh Bridge etc.,
  4. Execution, supervision and Maintenance works of Port structures.
  5. Dredging at the Ports and channels for safe Navigation;
  6. Maintenance of Navigational Aids such as local Light Houses, Buoys and beacons;
  7. Registration, Survey and Inspection of sailing vessels / Inland vessels / Harbour crafts.
  8. Constructions management of Port Estate Installations, Transit sheds etc.,
  9. Examination and issue of Certificate of competency to Engine, Drivers, Masters, Sarongs under Karnataka Harbour Craft Rules/ I. V. Rules.
  10. Levying and collecting the fees on vessels entering the port and on Harbour crafts, Cargo landed and shipped.
  11. Conducting Hydrographic surveys of the Ports & Waterways in a phased manner.
  12. Conducting enquiry about casualties / wrecks, jettisoning
  13. Supervising of Liquid Cargo terminals and handling of liquid cargo at the port.
  14. Manning the Fire Fighting Equipments.
  15. Manning the Oil Spill Response Equipments.
  16. Maintaining the Security System as per I.S.P.S. requirement.
  17. Inspection and issue of Certificate of fitness to crafts deployed in Ferries and Waterways.
  18. Providing modernized and mechanized crafts and operating departmentally more important ferries and waterways in the state.
  19. Auctioning and supervising operation of Ferries through contract system.
  20. Construction of jetties, platforms, Approach Roads for Ferry Services.
  21. Execution of Coastal Protection Works.

The cargo traffic handled at the Minor Ports of the Karnataka and statistical information thereon are furnished in Annexure – II to Annexure VI. The Statement of Traffic handled at the departmentally managed Ferries and Waterways are furnished in Annexure – VII to Annexure X. The statement showing the receipts and charges of the department is shown in Annexure XI to Annexure XVI.


The Department is enforcing the following enactments in respect of Ports and Ferries / Waterways in the State.


Indian Ports Act 1908.


Karnataka Harbour Crafts Rules, 1963.


Karnataka Ports (Landing and Shipping Fees) Act, 1961 and Rules framed 

there under



Merchant Shipping Act, 1958


The Merchant Shipping ( Sailing Vessels) Rules, 1997




The Inland vessel Act 1917.




Karnataka Inland Vessel Rules 2006.


International Ship and Port Facility Security Code (I.S.P.S.) Code.