This port is located 26 Kms south of Karwar on the bank of Hattikeri river and is a fair weather lighterage port and is open to traffic for about 8 fair weather months.This port has got a vast stacking area,good network of roads and can be developed to handle about 3 to 5 million tonnes of cargo.

A number of Shipping agency have taken interest to upgrade the port by developing their own infrastructure to handle foreign bound mineral cargo through the the meantime the land has been allotted by the Government to the following two private entrepreneurs ie., (1) M/s. Salgoankar, Mining Industries and Tungabadhara Minerals Pvt.Ltd.,Goa.(2) M/s.Adani Export Ltd.,Ahmedabad to develop this port by upgrading facilities to handle foreign bound cargo through their own investment. Development work is under progress.

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Location : Latitude 14° 42-50’ N Longitude 74° 16’ E

Vast stacking area and good network of roads

Konkan Railway Broad guage line, N.H.17, N.H 63 passing very close, linkage of Ankola – Hubli railway line

is under progress.

Existing facilities:-.

Dry stone masonry wharf of 250 Mts. length.

Transit shed with floor area of 146.08 Sq.Mts.

Mechanical ore loading chutes – 2 Nos.

Morse signalling cabin near inspection bungalow.

Other facilities under construction by Private companies:-

Transshipment jetty of M/s. Salgaonkar Company

Barge Jetty in Belekeri Gudda by M/s. Mallikarjuna company.


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