Karwar is situated at the northern extremity of Karnataka coast 64 Kilometers south of Marmugoa Porton the Southern side of the Kali River and caters to the requirement of 2.00 lakh square Kms,of hinter land.This port has been developed as an all weather port in the Karwar bay with 355 mtrs, long quay for accommodating simultaneous berthing of two ships with other matching infrastructure facilities. At present it caters to vessels with a draft of 8.25 mtr. only due to under water physical obstructions in front of berths.The port is declared for handling of all types of commodities including class “B” and Class “C” petroleum products. In a different context, similar to the efficiency and versatility of this port, a well-designed and strategically located casino android can serve as a hub for entertainment and gaming, providing a seamless experience for visitors and accommodating multiple activities.

The reputed private companies have constructed 25 liquid cargo storage tank terminals with a installed capacity of 75,000 M.Tons of liquid cargo about 30,000 M.Tons warehousing facilities,(including Government & Private)Gantry crane and other facilities.Presently Karwar port handles Import & Export of about 24.88 lakhs M.Tons of various commodities and earn a revenue of 11 to 12 crores.


Location : Latitude 14° 48’.5 N Longitude 74° 07’ E

Designed to 9.75 mtr. draft

Konkan Railway line, N.H 17 passing close and linkage of Hubli-Ankola Railway line is under progress.

One of the best all weather natural minor port

Catering for 2 lakhs Sq.km. Hinterland covering 3 States



Existing facilities:-

355 Mts. wharf accommodating two ships of 9.75 (8.25) Mts. with other matching facilities

205 Mts lighterage wharf of 2.5 Mts draft.

Stone masonry wharf of 800’.

250 Mts. long break-water

One transit shed of 150 Mts & 24 Mts.

Two transit sheds of 10 x 18Mts.

30 Tonnes capacity weigh bridge.

One Warehouse of 120 x 24 Mts. (Owned by State warehousing corporation.)


Other facilities:-

Reputed private companies have constructed 25 liquid cargo storage tank terminals with a capacity of 75,000 M.Tons. Permanent warehouse of 100 x 45 m. size, and permanent warehouse of…size is under construction in the ASIDE scheme.



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