This port is situated in the estuary of the Aghanashini river.The backwaters of the river Aghanashini has got, vast water front at this port and there is a good scope to develop this port with modern infrastructural facilities.Konkan – Railway line and N.H.17 are passing very close to the port area.Also N.H.63 and proposed Hubli – Ankola Railway line and Honnavar Tumkur N.H. 206 are added infrastructural facilities for all-round development of Tadri port.This port has been projected for development under BOOST (Build-Own-Operate-Shareand Transfer)concept through private participation.Vast area is available for development of this port with negligible rehabilitation problems.

Tadri port has got an effective hinterland of about 2.00 lakhs Sq.Mts. comprising of Central and Northern parts of Karnataka and some parts of Andhra Pradesh, which are rich in large deposits of minerals, forests,agricultural and marine wealth.

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Location : Latitude 14° 13.50’ N and Longitude 74° 21.50’ E

Vast stacking area and scope to develop with modern infrastrural facilities

Konkan Railway line, N.H.17 passing very close and linkage of Ankola –Hubli Railway line is under progress.

Vast water front facilities


Existing facilities:

Light House structure, R.C.C. jetty, transit shed.


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